CiRRUS for


CiRRUS forHospitality

  • Suitable for any hospitality business: from snack bars to five-star restaurants
  • Service, cuisine and billing: how to efficiently serve guests
  • Loyalty bonuses for regular customers: how to whet their appetite for more
  • Purchases and deliveries: how to manage fresh products and stock


In context: this is how hospitality works

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    Reserving a table, order food

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    Customizing daily menu

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    Goods management in real time

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    Home delivery service & takeout

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    Customer loyalty & promotions

Online reservation and pre-ordering


Online reservation and pre-ordering

  • Inventory and fresh products: more efficient shopping thanks to pre-orders
  • Take-away and home delivery: completing and delivering short-term orders
  • Mobile transactions: invoices and receipts independent of checkout and location
Meal vouchers and member cards


Meal vouchers and member cards

  • Promotion: stay on your customer’s mind with fun little campaigns
  • Discounts: adjust your menus to current market prices
  • Gift & loyalty cards: create an exclusive club atmosphere with member cards
Better business decisions thanks to data analysis


Better business decisions thanks to data analysis

  • Advanced dashboard: displays on your monitors aligned with your business model
  • Real-time data: you are always on top of the number of orders being processed
  • Central management: control all operating units directly from your headquarters
Takeout &  delivered fresh

Takeout & delivered fresh

Delivered fast, consumed hot: CiRRUS serves the modern clientele

Fast food or star restaurant: it simply works!

Whether you serve your guests at the counter or entertain whole parties for an evening, all you need is to take care of your guests, not the hardware or software.

Fast food or star restaurant: it simply works!

Comparing old and new systems

  • Traditional Point of Sale SystemCiRRUS cloud-based Business Solution
  • Fast roll-out & easy operationFrom 1 to 3 months Launch in 1 day. Platform & hardware independent
  • Stability and securityHigh chance of errors and data loss. Hardware dependent.99.9% uptime (Microsoft Azure). Fully secure data management.
  • Data accessAsynchronous lays, inconsistent data.Realtime access: anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Infrastructure support expencesSubstantial. Regular upgrades are requiredSimple maintenance: CiRRUS is always up to date
  • Pricing modelExpensive licences. High monthly paymentsLicensing and pay-per-use model: No software investment costs. Automatic updates.
  • ComplexityInadequate and outdated. Convoluted interfacesOpen connectivity: thanks to state-of-the-art technology and API utilization

The time is here for CiRRUS

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