LAVEBA (AGROLA St. Gallen) launches the CiRRUS Business Solution!

BiCA AG will replace the entire hardware of the approximately 70 AGROLA fuel stations in Eastern Switzerland that are owned by LAVEBA (Landverband St. Gallen) by the end of 2020, meaning that 70 of the latest generation of fuel terminals (BiCA PIT / DAVINCI III) and around 30 POS systems will be produced, supplied and commissioned in just a few weeks!

July 26, 2021

LAVEBA will continue to forge ahead with its leading SAP project during this comprehensive hardware replacement on the basis of the existing BiCA software, which has been migrated to Windows 10 IoT for this purpose. CiRRUS interfaces that are relevant to operations are changed over to Rest API in this context to ensure that all of the architecture’s advantages can be utilized.

At the same time, BiCA will implement exactly these Rest API in CiRRUS and also implement the national AGROLA characteristics as soon as they become available and if they are relevant to LAVEBA. Until then, the current BiCA generation 4.x (Offline Legacy) software can still be used without limitations.

On this basis, CiRRUS can be activated at any time with the “click of a mouse”. There is no need for a further rollout nor for complex training processes for employees at the LAVEBA locations. CiRRUS can be operated intuitively and is supported with TRIAL user accounts, simulations, context-sensitive tutorials and e-learning modules, if required.

According to the current schedule, this “click of a mouse” will happen in April 2021, thus taking LAVEBA’s retail sales management into the modern age – independently, successfully and in real time! This is an endeavor between companies and humans who place their total trust in one another! This project will take the successful long-term partnership with LAVEBA into the next decade!

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